Flat tile

In recent years, flat tiles have become increasingly popular. It has a simple but fashionable design, and its excellent technical performance – particularly with clay materials – speaks for itself.

A flat surface characterises such interlocking tiles with locks for installation on the underside.

They are a little more demanding to install compared to corrugated tiles. Still, if laid correctly, you will enjoy a delightfully simple, smooth, elegant roof surface that suits both modern and traditional style buildings.

The greatest appeal of these tiles lies in their simplicity: on the roof, they form elegant horizontal stripes which cannot be mistaken for any other roofing material. They can also be laid with an offset of half their length.

RoofLITE+ roof windows for flat tiles

The flashing is essential for the correct installation of your roof window, and it ensures a tight and durable connection between the roof window and the roof. There are many types of flashing for different roof coverings. There are flashings for profiled roofing materials, flat roofing materials such as tar paper/shingles, or flat or panelled metal sheets. There are flashings for installing windows one at a time and in blocks, several next to each other or one above the other.

Choosing a suitable and original flashing for installing your RoofLITE+ roof window in a flat tile roofing system is a prerequisite for benefiting from the 10-year guarantee on these roof windows. Therefore, the manufacturer has introduced the new RoofLITE+ FTX flashing, which is specially designed for installing flat roof windows with interlocking tiles with a profile height between 16-50 mm.

The airtightness of a roof window is a crucial aspect of a correct installation. And a lack of airtightness is the main thing people fear when considering a roof window installation.

By using the original installation flashing, together with two accessories from the RoofLITE+ range: IFC thermal insulation flashing and RUC vapour barrier, and following the installation instructions, your roof window will be installed airtight and warm.

The essential functions of the RoofLITE+ installation accessories for correct roof window installation:

The external flashing connects the window frame to the roof. It should be chosen according to the shape of the roofing material. All flashings in the RoofLITE+ range are tested for complete water tightness. They are made of thick aluminium. The key place in the flashing – the bottom apron – is a double layer of aluminium for maximum safety against being blown away by strong winds.

RoofLITE+ RUC vapour permeable flashing made from tear-resistant polystyrene with a vapour-permeable polyurethane coating. It provides the highest level of airtightness while ensuring the high breathability of the entire installation. The RUC collar does not lose its properties even in extreme weather conditions. The flashing is supplied pre-cut to fit the roof window, creating a tight seal without any joints which could leak.

The RoofLITE+ IFC thermal insulation flashing is glued over the window frame to seal the space between the window and rafters. It is made of foamed polyethene. The IFC flashing is suitable for windows with reinforced wooden and PVC frames (RoofLITE+ SOLID and TRIO series windows).

When planning the installation of your RoofLITE+ roof window, it is advisable to choose additional installation accessories that improve the window’s performance and make the installation easier and faster. Also, remember to select the correct flashing for your roof window depending on what your roof is covered with.

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